WATCH: Untrained powerlifter rolls with BJJ competitor – Women’s edition

In a captivating display of contrasting talents, a powerlifter named Monica Granda showcased her extraordinary strength in a roll with a skilled Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor. This thrilling encounter, captured in a video, has garnered attention for its portrayal of the significance of skill over raw power.

Monica Granda, renowned for her powerlifting feats, has established herself as an exceptional force to reckon with. With an impressive deadlift of 430 lbs, a squat of 385 lbs, and a bench press of 205 lbs, Granda’s physical capabilities are truly remarkable. Her incredible strength is particularly striking when compared to her opponent.

It is evident that Granda possesses an imposing advantage, as her strength surpasses that of her BJJ counterpart by a significant margin. However, the video’s main objective is to emphasize that even a double strength advantage cannot compensate for a complete lack of technical skills—a crucial point skillfully illustrated in this encounter.

It is essential to note that both participants appear to be similar in size. Powerlifting, akin to BJJ, encompasses weight classes, and high-level powerlifters in the lower weight categories possess a truly awe-inspiring strength-to-weight ratio.

Granda’s ability to lift three times her own body weight further accentuates her extraordinary power, making her only slightly larger than her BJJ opponent. Nevertheless, the disparity in strength remains staggering.

However, the video serves as a poignant reminder that mere strength alone does not guarantee success in combat. While strength undeniably provides a significant advantage, assuming that the ability to lift heavy objects directly translates to fighting prowess is a fallacy. The realm of combat involves a multifaceted skill set, far beyond sheer physical power.

The video effectively showcases the paramount importance of skill. The powerlifter’s attempts to overpower her opponent through brute force were repeatedly thwarted by the BJJ player’s adept use of technique.

Despite the power at her disposal, Granda found herself unable to escape unfavorable positions due to her opponent’s precise application of technique. This demonstration underscores the notion that strength, in isolation, does not wield enough influence to sway the outcome of a grappling match.

Critics argue that the video lacks novelty, as the expected outcome aligns with one’s understanding of the dynamics involved, particularly for those well-versed in combat sports. However, it serves as a compelling testament to the significance of skill, as it can compensate for disparities in size and strength.