WATCH: 10th planet trainee uses jiu jitsu to stop a man who was beating a woman in the park

A remarkable incident unfolded in a local park as a skilled Brazilian Jiu-JitsuĀ  practitioner stepped in to halt a man who was allegedly assaulting a woman. The encounter was captured on video, showcasing the practitioner’s mastery of control and immobilization techniques.

In the footage, the BJJ practitioner expertly maneuvered his body, trapping the aggressor in a tight back control. By applying wrist control, he effectively neutralized the man’s ability to harm the woman or escape his grasp.

The BJJ practitioner also displayed empathy and awareness of the situation, cautioning the woman against retaliating in a way that could compromise her safety. He emphasized the importance of maintaining focus until the authorities arrived. Despite being subdued, the man made feeble attempts to placate the woman but his efforts were met with little sympathy.

Although no submission was executed, the man resorted to crying and claiming difficulty breathing, seemingly as a response to being exposed on camera and labeled a woman beater by the BJJ practitioner.

With the BJJ practitioner firmly in control, maintaining wrist control on one side and restraining the man’s arm on the other, it was evident that the aggressor was incapable of freeing himself from the expert’s grasp.

The man’s speech became slurred, indicating his disoriented state. The BJJ practitioner crossed his ankles while maintaining back control, despite the inherent risk of this position. Crossing ankles can potentially expose the practitioner to counters and submission holds.

The online community reacted to the video with mixed sentiments. Some expressed satisfaction at witnessing “real men” intervening to protect the vulnerable, regardless of the circumstances. Others applauded the effectiveness of the BJJ practitioner’s skills, highlighting the power of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu and noting the practitioner’s dedication, as evident by the tattoo associated with the martial art.