WATCH: Bo Nickal talks beating an entire Jiu Jitsu school on his first day

Bo Nickal ia a three-time NCAA Division 1 National Champion in wrestling. He is excelling in his MMA career currently.

Nickal has won all four of his professional MMA outings in the first round, showcasing exceptional skills in grappling.

Originally scheduled to face Tresean Gore, Nickal faced Val Woodburn as a last-minute replacement at UFC 290.

In the bout, Nickal recovered from an early hit and landed a powerful right hook that rocked Woodburn.

He followed up with an uppercut that knocked Woodburn down, resulting in a swift victory. It’s interesting to see how his striking evolves despite the fact he’s an elite grappler.

This win marks Nickal’s second UFC victory, achieved without relying on his wrestling background.

Bo Nickal shared the news of his wife’s pregnancy, adding to the joyous occasion after his impressive performance.

A little while ago, Nickal guested on a JD Podcast where he revealed he went through an entire BJJ school on his first day in BJJ.

According to Nickal, his first experience in BJJ came on a break between junior and sophomore years and he went just for fun. While he didn’t know jiu-jitsu he was familiar with some fundamental submissions thanks to having watched MMA for years.

“So I was doing a camp in Missouri and I’d finish the camp and then this guy that was I think he had a kid who was I was teaching was like, Hey, we’re doing jiu jitsu over here if you want to come and roll and stuff.”

“So it was kind of funny. It started off, they brought me in with like a white belt, messed him up.”

“I know, like these basic submissions just from watching MMA”

” And so like, I submit him and then they’re like OK – Blue Belt and like same thing, like kind of tune them up smoke.”

“And then they’re like all right, purple belt. And then it’s like kind of competitive, but like, I’m still like getting the better of him ”

“Like take them down. Hold them down. Like, take their back. Like, you know how to do this. I know how to, like, do this.”

“And then in wrestling, just from wrestling, you also know, like when you’re putting pressure on somebody, you know, like, all right, I could probably like, I’ve choked guys out in wrestling matches, like out cold before just from having them in tight, like moves that are legal in wrestling.”

Nickal went on to detail he tired out the purple belt.

“So then they bring in this dude. He’s like brown belt. He’s, like, way bigger than me, like 6″4′, like, 240lbs. And I’m like, our bro, whatever. Like, I’m going to wear this dude down”

“And so I just start pulling on his head, pulling on his head, pulling on his head. And at first he’s, like, cocky, so he’s trying to, like, stand with me, like, wrestle me and I’m like, not it ain’t working out, so I’m pulling his head opponents head, messing him up. And then like I got him so tired that he starts pulling guard and but you, like, can’t do anything.”

“He’s, like, gassed out, i’m passing his guard. And I didn’t submit him, but I’m working him and stuff like that. And so at this point I’ve been going 45 minutes. ”

“The instructor, black belt, probably a 50 year old dude, only guy in the gi…”

“He’s maybe 5″10, 5″11 – but he’s thick…”

“He pulls guard immediately. He, like, locks me down half guard and he’s got a Gi on. I’m in like shorts and t shirt. So I’m like stuck. And so I’m like, All right, I don’t know what I’m doing. Like, I’m going to try to get my leg out.”

“Like, can’t get my leg, can’t get my leg out. He, like, tries to wrist lock me a couple times and I like, freak out. I’m like, get it out and I get I don’t tap. And then I just kind of grab his head in his arm and I’m just like squeezing them, hold them there. And we’re going for we gone for probably like 10 minutes, 12 minutes.”

Nickal first started training MMA about 18 months ago, and had previously dabbled. Back in 2019, he went up against ADCC winner Gordon Ryan at a Third Coast grappling event.

The match was conducted under a modified ruleset, restricting guard pulling and leg locks to level the playing field between BJJ and wrestling.

Ryan surprised with scissor leg sweep attacks, not for leg locks but to bring Nickal to the mat, earning two points.

Nickal avoided Ryan’s leg sweep attacks, leading to a lack of engagement and a stalling warning for Nickal.

With time running out, Nickal executed a spectacular freestyle wrestling takedown on Ryan, tying the match at two points.

Ryan showcased superior ground skills, threatening with sweeps and eventually securing a triangle submission victory with approximately two minutes remaining.