McGregor’s coach blasts Andrew Tate for his attitudes towards jiu-jitsu

Andrew Tate has made waves with his comments regarding the practicality of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu outside the confines of the mat.

Matt Thornton, the author of the renowned book ‘The Gift of Violence: Practical Knowledge for Surviving and Thriving in a Dangerous World,’ took to Twitter to criticize Tate for claiming that BJJ is ineffective in street altercations.

Thornton shared a tweet linking to a video where Tate expressed his views on BJJ. In the video, Tate boldly stated, “BJJ is absolutely useless outside the cage or a dojo. It’s useless on the street. You can’t perform a double-leg takedown on concrete. You’re gonna f**k yourself up. Even if you manage to take your opponent down, many submissions won’t work if he can bite, scratch your eyes, or pull out a knife. Additionally, you never know if he has accomplices.”

These remarks did not sit well with Matt Thornton, who promptly responded by suggesting that Tate should read his book to gain a deeper understanding of the fallacies surrounding the “street vs. sport” debate.

Another notable figure who joined the conversation was John Kavanagh, the renowned coach of Conor McGregor.

Kavanagh did not hold back in expressing his disdain for Tate’s comments. He openly criticized Tate, stating, “He ripped off a bunch of socially awkward lonely men to get rich. How does anyone listen to this guy??” Kavanagh’s frustration was evident in his response.

While Tate faced widespread criticism, it’s worth noting that former UFC champion Michael Bisping has also questioned the practicality of BJJ in certain scenarios. Bisping has previously argued that BJJ may prove ineffective when faced with multiple attackers.