Georges St-Pierre names 3 huge UFC names as potential opponents for grappling return

Georges St-Pierre’s highly anticipated return to combat sports has been officially confirmed. The UFC Hall of Famer is set to participate in a grappling match on December 14, creating a wave of excitement among his fans.

As St-Pierre prepares for this new venture in his athletic career, he aims to elevate the appeal of grappling. In a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, he expressed his desire to contribute to the growth of the sport. He said that while he doesn’t yet have a confirmed opponent for theĀ  event, he does have a star-studded list of possible opponents.

GSP stated: “There are guys, veteran fighters that have a good grappling background. I’m talking about maybe the Diaz brothers…I’m a competitive guy, something like that maybe I think that fans will want to see. Could be someone that is active…[Kamaru] Usman, [Colby] Covington, someone like this.”

St-Pierre made it clear that he is not interested in facing opponents who are primarily strikers. He emphasized the importance of catering to the audience’s preferences and ensuring a formidable challenge.

He expressed his views, saying: “I think it’s up to the audience to choose who they would like to see and I think it needs to be a formidable opponent too. Like someone that is from a grappling background. I’m not really an interest in fighting someone who’s more from only a striking background.”

It will be fascinating to see who St-Pierre competes against and how active he plans to be in his foray into professional grappling. However, a grappling rematch with Nick Diaz seems intriguing.

St-Pierre has previously revealed that he loves training but detests fighting and the build-up to it because of the emotions involved.

During his appearance, Ariel Helwani asked St-Pierre if he expects to experience similar anxieties in this new form of competition. GSP acknowledged that he anticipates feeling nervous but believes it won’t be as intense as it was during his UFC career.

He said: “I think I will have the nerves, I will be stressed. And, I like it because that’s when I perform at my best and I need it. Might not be as bas as when I was fighting in mixed martial arts because when I was fighting, being champion, being the best was my number-one priority.”