WATCH: Man tries to groin strike his way out of a guillotine and when that backfires tries to tap

A captivating video has recently gone viral, showcasing a heated grappling match between two individuals in an outdoor setting near a road. The clip captures their intense emotions and swift movements as they engage in a scrap on the grass. However, the encounter takes an unexpected turn.

The white man initiates a takedown but fails to execute it successfully, resulting in both participants falling to the ground. Seizing the opportunity, the other man swiftly locks in a guillotine and lands a powerful knee strike to his opponent’s head, leaving him dazed. Displaying his technical prowess, he maintains a firm grip on the headlock as they wrestle near a nearby wall.

Feeling trapped and desperate for an escape, the white individual resorts to a classic maneuver often taught in women’s self-defense tutorials – a punch to the groin. Unfortunately, this move only further agitates his opponent, intensifying the situation. Despite attempting to tap out, the white individual finds himself facing an increasingly enraged opponent who tightens the submission hold until he loses consciousness.

In unregulated confrontations like this, all rules go out the window once someone engages in dirty tactics. This incident highlights a common misconception perpetuated in “women’s self-defense” tutorials. While striking the groin may deliver intense pain, the surge of adrenaline coursing through the body often fuels additional anger, escalating the action further and making the situation worse than before.

Interestingly, eye pokes can be more effective as they impair vision, giving the victim a chance to escape. Losing sight can induce panic in individuals, regardless of the level of pain experienced. The fear of immediate blindness can be psychologically overwhelming, making eye gouging a highly potent technique.

In hindsight, a well-timed knee strike to the head, as evidenced by the video at the 9-second mark, could have potentially ended the action from the start. This emphasizes the importance of recognizing opportunities and executing effective techniques to gain the upper hand in confrontations.