WATCH: When UFC’s Du Plessis manhandled an entire Gracie Barra team at Quintet

Dricus Du Plessis has been making waves in the MMA world. Despite initial doubts from many, Du Plessis proved his worth with a remarkable performance against Whittaker, showcasing his skills in both grappling and striking. However, Du Plessis’ talents extend beyond MMA, as he also displayed exceptional grappling skills in a previous event.


During a grappling promotion called Submission Kings, Du Plessis represented Team CIT and faced off against Gracie Barra Illovo, both prominent martial arts schools based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Competing shirtless, a nod to his MMA aspirations, Du Plessis demonstrated a high level of skill and dominated the entire team of opponents.

In the first match, Du Plessis quickly found himself in the closed guard of his opponent. However, he showcased his strong fundamentals and effectively worked his way out of the guard. His proficiency on his feet and ability to maintain top position against his opponents were notable aspects of his grappling style.

While Du Plessis may not be considered a top contender in his weight class for events like ADCC trials, his physical strength and prowess are evident. Weighing in at 98kg (215lbs), he possesses a significant size advantage over many of his opponents. Currently competing in the UFC middleweight division, Du Plessis is expected to receive a title shot against Adesanya, possibly in the upcoming fall season.

It is worth mentioning that Du Plessis’ team consisted of only four members in the grappling event due to weight restrictions. Despite the numerical disadvantage, Du Plessis’ strength and technique enabled him to overcome the odds and dominate his opponents. His impressive physique, characterized by his strong arms, has drawn attention from spectators and commentators alike.

One interesting aspect of Du Plessis’ journey is the fact that his coach previously revealed that his breathing pathway was constricted, impacting his performance in both MMA and BJJ competitions. Despite these challenges, Du Plessis has consistently showcased his skills and continues to make a name for himself in the world of mixed martial arts.

As Du Plessis prepares for his future endeavors, including the anticipated title shot against Adesanya, his grappling abilities and tenacity will undoubtedly play a significant role in his success. With each impressive performance, Du Plessis solidifies his position as a formidable athlete in both MMA and the world of grappling.