Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg messaged Gordon Ryan to help prepare for his Musk clash

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg  has been all over the media for his clash with Elon Musk. The clash started in the tech field, with Zuckerberg working on a twitter clone named threads, that was launched earlier this month.

Musk wasn’t too fond of this knock off, having purchased twitter at a steep price. The two have been flirting through the media about a ultimate manly way to settle the challenge – a duel.

UFC is said to be reported in hosting the challenge and considering both men are fans of the organization it’s not inconceivable it might happen.

Ryan was spotted with Georges St Pierre and Elon Musk earlier this month, but he might have another training offer.

In a podcast appearance, Ryan revealed:

“Zuckerberg actually message me he wants me to go out to California sometime and train with him.”

“So I didn’t get to train with Elon or Zuckerberg yet but John trained with Elon and I’ve seen Zuckerberg, you know training, competing… and you know Elon’s a lot bigger than Zuckerberg but he’s also in his 50s and Zuckerberg is in his 30s. And Zuckerberg trains like pretty religiously from what I hear and actually competes.”

“So if they were to compete in jiu-jitsu right now which Zuckerberg I talked to him he’s a hundred percent in to fight Elon at ADCC for a super fight next year and Mo will actually make that happen if he wants to do it. ”

“They both wanted to do it but if they could be to engage it right now I think Zuckerberg wouldn’t pretty easily because I think Elon doesn’t really train that much. I mean he trained you apparently a long time ago but the muscle memory like it’s a diminishing skill so the muscle memory isn’t really probably there and Zuckerberg is training like every day like hard and he’s serious about it …”

So if they compete right now, I think Elon would just get tired pretty fast and Zuckerberg will end up submitting him. But if Elon starts training who knows because he is a lot bigger than Zuckerberg.”