WATCH: Maulidin scores rare gogoplata submission in MMA bout

In a rare display of skill and technique, MMA prospect Taylor Maulidin showcased her potential by securing a victory with a rare gogoplata submission.

The talented athlete remains undefeated in her professional mixed martial arts career, and her latest triumph at A1 Combat 12, hosted by Urijah Faber’s A1 Combat promotion, earned her well-deserved attention.

The event, which took place in Wheatland, California, witnessed numerous talented newcomers from the local area, but it was Maulidin’s performance that stood out the most.

Competing in the main card, Taylor Maulidin faced a more experienced opponent, Laura Gallardo. Both displayed their determination and clashed fiercely in a match that showcased their prowess in striking and grappling. Despite Gallardo’s advantage in the second round, Maulidin swiftly turned the tables with her exceptional technique.

In a remarkable turn of events, while at the top position, Gallardo found herself caught in a tight gogoplata submission by Maulidin. Attempting to escape, Gallardo rolled forward, but Maulidin’s grip was unwavering, leaving her with no choice but to tap out. The victory solidified Maulidin’s undefeated status, boasting an impressive professional record of 4 wins since she turned pro in 2021. Conversely, Gallardo had to contend with her third loss, bringing her overall record to 4 wins and 3 losses since her debut in 2019.

The gogoplata submission is a highly uncommon technique in mixed martial arts due to its complexity and the risks involved. Requiring both flexibility and precision, this move is executed from a rubber guard position. The martial artist places one leg in front of the opponent’s neck and the other on their upper back. Using one hand to pull the opponent’s head inward, they press it against the shin bone to apply the submission.

One notable MMA athlete who successfully utilized this submission was UFC legend Nick Diaz. In 2007, Diaz impressively secured a gogoplata submission against Takanori Gomi at Pride 33.