WATCH: When two policeman struggled to contain a single suspect

In 2023, the role of a policeman has become increasingly controversial, with sweeping generalizations about law enforcement being pervasive. Comedian Mark Normand astutely points out in his latest special that such absolutes are misleading. Not all rich people are evil, and similarly, not all cops are bad. Some may fall short, while others display exceptional qualities.

Being a policeman is an inherently stressful job, especially when faced with handling a suspect one on one. A recent viral video highlights the dire need for better police training, as it depicts two officers struggling to control a single suspect, even after a fair amount of tumbling and grappling.

At the beginning of the video, we witness the two officers and the suspect entangled on the ground, with the situation already out of control. Within seconds, the suspect manages to grab a weapon from one of the officers, while the other appears disoriented. This alarming development prompts the officers to become more vigilant.

As the suspect attempts to free himself from the officers, it becomes evident that they lack proper control over the situation. While they manage to restrain the suspect to some extent, they are far from gaining full control. The lack of adequate training in handling such scenarios becomes apparent, and the suspect is able to shake off one of the officers.

The struggle continues, with one officer trying to contain the incident while displaying inefficient techniques. It becomes apparent that none of the three involved have received any training in jiu-jitsu or similar defensive tactics.

One of the officers finally manages to pin the suspect against a wall, thanks in part to the assistance of his grounded partner. However, this intervention is far from smooth and exposes both officers, as well as bystanders, to risk.

Despite their efforts, the officers fail to disarm the suspect, and the weapon discharges into the air. Fortunately, they are able to keep hold of the suspect’s arm to prevent further danger.

This alarming video emphasizes the urgent necessity of providing jiu-jitsu training to all law enforcement officers. Jiu-jitsu is a martial art known for its focus on ground grappling and self-defense techniques. By equipping officers with these skills, they can better control and de-escalate situations, reducing the risk of harm to both suspects and themselves.

The ultimate goal of jiu-jitsu training for law enforcement is to ensure that officers can effectively handle confrontations without resorting to excessive force. Such training empowers officers to protect their communities while fostering a safer and more responsible approach to law enforcement.

In conclusion, jiu-jitsu classes should be an integral part of the training curriculum for all law enforcement officers. By arming them with the necessary skills to handle physical altercations and potential threats, we can work towards a safer and more understanding society, where law enforcement can be better equipped to serve and protect.