Mark Zuckerberg Says Cage Match With Elon Musk Isn’t Happening

The internet has been abuzz with the possibility of a head-to-head Las Vegas cage match between tech giants Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. The idea of these two billionaire titans going toe-to-toe in an MMA-style event has captured the imagination of netizens worldwide. However, recent developments suggest that the much-hyped showdown might never come to fruition.

According to a transcript of the meeting shared by Gizmodo, an employee asked Zuckerberg when the cage match will happen. The CEO responded:

“I don’t know. I don’t have any kind of official update on this. I mean, as you all know, I love fighting. It’s maybe a second place pastime for me beyond building things, where building things is my number one love, fighting might be number two. So yeah, I really like doing this. I’ve done ju jitsu competitions. I would love to do an MMA competition at some point. I wasn’t expecting this to be the one that I did. I’m not sure if it’s going to come together, but I just think that it’s a great sport overall.”

The genesis of this potential showdown began with a series of mocking tweets from Musk directed at Meta’s Twitter rip-off app, Threads. Musk playfully taunted Zuckerberg, and the exchange led to the suggestion of a cage match. The prospect of the two tech moguls settling their differences through physical combat seemed oddly plausible, given that Zuckerberg has been actively exploring martial arts and training with world-class instructors.

However, as the weeks passed, the likelihood of the event occurring became uncertain.

Dana White, president of the UFC, stated that both tech executives were making moves toward the fight, and the organization was willing to assist with the event. Zuckerberg’s trainer, Alex Volkanovski, attested to the seriousness of his training. Musk, in turn, accepted training from UFC champion Georges St-Pierre and engaged in practice rounds with podcaster Lex Fridman.

The hype surrounding the potential matchup might have been just that – hype. Nevertheless, the internet can still dream of alternate universes where the event takes place.