WATCH: MMA star pulls off a miraculous comeback, and then refuses to release the sub and loses by DQ

On Saturday, July 29, 2023, the Alash Pride 87 event took place in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, featuring a notable incident that sparked controversy. During one of the events, underdog Ilmiyamin Dzhavatov refused to release a submission, resulting in his disqualification.

The bout between Dzhavatov and his opponent, Ruslan Sariev, took an unexpected turn when Dzhavatov refused to let go of the submission hold, even after Sariev indicated his surrender. This act went against the rules and ethics of the sport, as it increased the potential harm to his opponent.

Despite Sariev clearly signaling his submission and giving up, Dzhavatov persisted, holding onto the grip with relentless determination. This unsportsmanlike conduct raised concerns about the safety and well-being of the martial artists.

The referee had no choice but to disqualify Dzhavatov for his controversial behavior, highlighting the importance of sportsmanship and adherence to the rules in the world of combat sports.

Incidents like this serve as a reminder of the responsibility that martial artists carry to prioritize the safety and integrity of the sport. Alash Pride 87 witnessed an unfortunate turn of events, but it also emphasizes the need for respect and fair play in every competitive bout.

Combat sports provide thrilling moments and passionate displays of athleticism, but they also require discipline and respect for the rules to maintain a positive and safe environment for all participants. As the global audience of combat sports continues to grow, it is essential for athletes to uphold the principles of sportsmanship and fair competition.

The incident involving Ilmiyamin Dzhavatov and Ruslan Sariev serves as a learning opportunity for martial artists, promoters, and fans alike. It highlights the significance of maintaining the highest standards of conduct to preserve the essence and spirit of martial arts.