WATCH: Was he out? Ref calls a stop with Tony Ferguson flailing in an arm triangle

Tony Ferguson faced Bobby Green in a highly anticipated bout at UFC 291 in Salt Lake City. Coming off a five straight losses, Ferguson was determined to secure a win and prove he still has what it takes.

The action began with a pro-Ferguson crowd cheering on the former interim lightweight champion. Ferguson initiated a takedown attempt early in the round, but Green responded with a powerful punch that briefly rocked Ferguson. However, Ferguson’s left hand found its mark, staggering Green momentarily. A momentary break was needed as Ferguson accidentally poked Green in the eye. Despite the incident, Ferguson was cleared to continue, and the action resumed.

Throughout the bout, Ferguson’s elusive angles and movement kept Green on his toes. Green, with his awkward style, tried to land a body kick and a 1-2 combination, but Ferguson’s defense proved to be effective. Towards the end of the round, Green managed to connect a few shots, displaying his trademark showmanship.

In the second round, Ferguson attempted to take the action to the ground, but Green responded with a barrage of hammer fists from the top position. Despite Ferguson’s active guard, Green inflicted damage with heavy strikes, causing Ferguson to bleed. The round showcased both guys’ resilience and determination to dominate.

Round three saw a fierce exchange of strikes, with both Ferguson and Green landing significant shots. Ferguson’s low kicks and jabs to the body displayed his striking skills. The pressure was on as Ferguson continuously pushed forward, while Green relied on his jab and left hand to counter. Both demonstrated their endurance and tenacity.

As the round neared its end, Ferguson attempted a spinning back fist but missed the target. He followed up with a right hand that found its mark. Ferguson then tried an imanari roll into a leg lock, but Green managed to gain top position and lock in an arm-triangle. Despite Ferguson’s efforts to escape, Green’s submission proved to be too tight, and Ferguson went unconscious just seconds before the end of the round.

The match ended in a technical submission victory for Bobby Green, who praised Ferguson’s toughness after the intense battle.