WATCH: “Oh my god, just tap”, Kimura audibly snaps arm of competitor unwilling to tap

A recent MMA event hosted by Southeast Asia Fighting Championship (SEAFC) in Bangkok, Thailand, left fans in awe as one fearless manchose not to tap out, resulting in a dislocated shoulder and a painful outcome.

During the main card, an intense heavyweight bout unfolded between Harry ‘Kimura’ Grech and Stephen Connolly, captivating the audience with its high stakes and skilled grappling maneuvers.

Grech, displaying his exceptional grappling expertise, locked Connolly in a devastating kimura hold. Despite the Englishman’s desperate struggles to escape, Grech held firm, tightening the grip further. As time passed, Connolly’s left arm visibly contorted, with no route to freedom. Yet, he adamantly refused to submit.

With no alternative, Grech increased the pressure, causing Connolly’s shoulder to dislocate. The referee swiftly intervened, awarding the victory to Grech. The pain etched across Connolly’s face revealed the magnitude of the injury.

The kimura lock is renowned for its efficacy in submission grappling matches and is frequently utilized in mixed martial arts contests. With enough force, it can lead to broken limbs or dislocated joints. Professional athletes are often encouraged to tap out promptly to avoid such severe injuries.

For Harry Grech, this victory marks a successful return to form, improving his record to 4 wins and 1 loss. Previously, he suffered a single defeat during his ONE Championship debut against Arash Mardani at One Friday 2 in January. In that bout, Grech faced disqualification for inactivity and committed several fouls, hindering his grappling potential.

The audacious display by Stephen Connolly, though courageous, serves as a reminder of the risks involved in the sport. With swift and responsible action during such situations, fighters can safeguard themselves from unnecessary harm.

As the highlight of the event, Grech’s impressive triumph will undoubtedly be discussed for its powerful demonstration of skill and Connolly’s unyielding determination. While MMA fans relish in thrilling moments, they also understand the importance of safety and responsible sportsmanship within the octagon.