Angry driver and motorist throw hands after road rage incident

A confrontation unfolded in the streets of south east London, as tensions escalated between an enraged truck driver and a motorist. The incident, which occurred in broad daylight, involved a scene with punches and belts, amidst a backdrop of congested traffic.

The upsetting scene was captured on video, showcasing a robust and forceful individual repeatedly striking the motorist through the car’s open window.

The driver had been driving just behind the motorist before unleashing his outburst. The clash took place in the midst of three traffic lanes, as witnessed from the vantage point of a double-deck bus on the upper floor. The time was approximately 7 pm on a Friday evening.

As the situation escalated, the target, a smaller individual donning a green t-shirt, exited the car, only to be met with another fierce punch from the formidable lorry driver. Undeterred, the victim retaliated by using his belt to strike back. However, the enraged lorry driver pressed on, launching a series of forceful punches at his opponent.

The encounter continued against a metal rail and a nearby wall, which bordered the pavement. Eventually, the target managed to break free and swiftly retreated back into the road.

At this juncture, with traffic still at a standstill, the two men engaged in a discussion. A cyclist approached the scene, strategically placing their bike wheel between the belligerent parties in an attempt to defuse the situation.

Despite a final swipe from the man in green using his belt, both individuals eventually departed. The original instigator retreated to the safety of his white lorry’s cab.

Authorities were alerted to the incident, and the police promptly responded. However, by the time they arrived, both drivers had fled, eluding any contact with law enforcement. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police confirmed receiving reports of a disturbance involving two drivers on New Cross Road at 7:12 pm on June 30. Nevertheless, their search proved fruitless as no trace of the individuals involved could be found.