Bareknuckle boxer gets caught on camera charging at 78 year old

In an unexpected incident captured on video, bare-knuckle boxer Douglas Joyce, 35, charged at a defenseless 78-year-old man, leaving him injured. The incident, which took place in a Manchester pub, resulted in Joyce being sentenced to 19 months in jail by Manchester Crown Court.

The footage shows Joyce following the elderly man into a back room of the pub, where he proceeded to punch the victim multiple times. Wearing a large gold ring, Joyce intensified the impact, causing additional injuries to the man’s face. Surprisingly, he continued to threaten and encourage his father, John Joyce, to join in the offensive.

Joyce’s behavior persisted as he relentlessly pursued the man, even when he was helpless on the ground. The incident occurred on October 23, 2022, around 10 pm, and the man sustained injuries.

Greater Manchester Police identified Douglas Joyce as the primary perpetrator based on CCTV evidence. He was charged with section 18 assault and pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm. The court sentenced him to 19 months in jail.

Detective Constable Natalie Hollows, commenting on the sentencing, described Joyce as a problematic individual who intended to intimidate and cause pain to a vulnerable elderly man. She expressed satisfaction that Joyce would face consequences for his actions and hoped he would reflect on the impact of his actions during his time behind bars.

Additionally, Joyce’s father, John Joyce, 63, received an 18-month community order for parttaking causing occasioning actual bodily harm for his involvement. The Joyce family, known for their prominence in the traveler community in the UK, has faced public scrutiny for this incident.

The lenient sentences have sparked public outrage, with many expressing disappointment in the justice system’s response to such a heinous attack on a defenseless elderly individual.