Daycare workers arrested for allegedly directing child fight club

Two daycare teachers from Kids Unlimited of Prosperity in South Carolina, Ericka Jones, 27, and Serena Caldwell, 56, are facing serious charges for allegedly orchestrating a child fight ring involving 3 and 4-year-olds under their care. The revelation has led to their arrest on multiple charges, as outlined by the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office.

The accused daycare employees surrendered to authorities after warrants were issued for their arrest. Ericka Jones faces 14 counts, while Serena Caldwell faces 15 counts, all related to contributing to the delinquency of a minor and unlawful conduct toward a child, according to the official press release from the department.

Daycare owner John David Dawkins promptly terminated Jones and Caldwell upon learning of their behavior. The actions came to light when staff members reported the incidents, and security footage revealed the alleged misconduct. The daycare facility immediately contacted both the South Carolina Department of Social Services and the Newberry County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Lee Foster disclosed that the daycare fully cooperated with the subsequent investigation. Deputies discovered that the two teachers had instructed young children to engage in violent acts, including pushing, pulling, and hitting each other.

The reprehensible behavior reportedly began with the teachers encouraging violence as a form of punishment or compliance. Sheriff Foster expressed disbelief at the actions of the “rogue employees,” emphasizing that the daycare is not believed to be complicit in their conduct.

While none of the children involved suffered serious physical injuries, the potential for emotional and psychological damage remains a significant concern. A parent of one victim, who remained anonymous, shared a harrowing account of their child being told to hit another child and then instructed to repeat the action.

The parent, while acknowledging that the daycare’s name may be tarnished by the incident, expressed relief that the actions were exposed, emphasizing the need for justice. However, the lasting impact on the children’s lives remains an unresolved and deeply troubling aspect of the situation.

As the legal process unfolds, the daycare scandal serves as a stark reminder of the responsibility entrusted to those caring for young children and the potential consequences of breaching that trust.