Disrobed man instigates trouble at the gym, agitating gym-goers

In an eyebrow raising incident that unfolded at a Miami gym, a disrobbed man went on a rampage, attacking gym-goers and causing chaos.

The unidentified man stormed into the UFC Gym located in the Midtown section of the city around 9 PM on Tuesday, leaving everyone in a state of disbelief.

The incident, captured on camera, shows the man initially attempting to use the exercise equipment before stripping off and engaging in scraps with fellow gym members.

Following his disruptive behavior at the gym, the man was forcefully removed from the premises by the staff. However, this did not deter him as he continued his aggressive actions, targeting innocent pedestrians on the road.

Bewildering footage even shows him harassing a wheelchair-bound man before another citizen intervenes and strikes him with a bag. The situation escalated further, drawing the attention of law enforcement.

Sadly this wasn’t the worst gym incident Florida’s seen. Recently a video of a woman fending off a creep at a gym went viral.

Law enforcement officials responded to a “crisis intervention call,” indicating that the man was possibly experiencing a mental episode.

The video, initially posted by ONLYinDADE, documents the man’s attempt to reach his car before the arrival of the police. Despite being tasered twice, he showed no reaction and fled the scene, with a taser wire still attached to his back. A slow chase ensued until the authorities finally apprehended him.

Following his arrest, the man was subjected to a mental health evaluation. Police reports state that a call was received at 9:20 PM regarding a male assaulting people in the vicinity of NE 36th St / Biscayne Blvd.

The suspect had attacked multiple individuals before being subdued with the use of a taser and subsequently detained. The authorities invoked the Florida Mental Health Act, commonly known as the Baker Act, to ensure the individual receives the necessary crisis services and evaluation.

The Baker Act allows law enforcement officers to transport individuals with mental illness to a receiving facility for involuntary examination. After the evaluation, a decision will be made whether to press charges against the individual or provide further medical treatment and support.

The motive behind the man’s outburst at the gym remains unknown, leaving both the gym staff and law enforcement officials puzzled.