Gets jumped by 7 guys, keeps feeding them 3 pieces and a soda

MMA has become a popular sport among today’s youth, and they often turn to UFC cards to learn from their favorite stars.

Recently, a video of a teen staving off seven opponents of the same age has gone viral, capturing the attention of netizens worldwide.

This video has brought to light the importance of self-defense and how MMA can help kids overcome bullying.

Several MMA stars have admitted that bullying in school led them to pursue martial arts. For instance, Joe Rogan, a renowned UFC commentator, revealed in a podcast episode that he was bullied in school, which made him feel humiliated.

The incident motivated Rogan to take up MMA training. Similarly, many kids are taking an interest in MMA to learn self-defense and protect themselves from bullies.

In the viral video, a young boy was seen having a dispute with another boy. The other boy attacked the kid, but the kid managed to punch back, causing the other boy to fall to the ground. Soon after, six other boys joined the action, but the kid didn’t back down. Instead, he picked them off one by one.

The video has received widespread attention from fans worldwide, with many expressing their surprise and admiration for the young fighter’s skills. Some fans even compared him to famous superheroes, such as Batman.

Bullying can negatively impact a child’s mental health. Bullying and peer pressure can cause children to get into trouble and learning MMA can empower them to defend themselves.

The video highlights the importance of self-defense and how martial arts, such as MMA, can help kids overcome bullying. It is essential to create a safe environment for children where they can learn and grow without fear of being bullied. By learning self-defense techniques, kids can gain confidence and protect themselves against bullies.