Homeowner interrupts burglary of his own home and whoops intruder

A Staten Island homeowner became the hero of his own story when he raced home and confronted a man caught on his doorbell camera, attempting to trespass his property. The swift action of Christian Schlagler not only foiled the suspected burglar’s plans but also resulted in his subsequent arrest.

The event unfolded on a Saturday morning when Schlagler, en route to Brooklyn for a pickleball game, received a motion alert from his doorbell camera. He immediately accessed the live footage, which revealed an unknown man lurking near his residence. Fueled by a sense of invasion of his privacy, Schlagler promptly turned his car around and headed back home.

In the meantime, he dialed the police to report the ongoing potential robbery. As Schlagler approached his residence just ten minutes later, he witnessed the unidentified individual seemingly breaking in through a back door, absconding with a bag of items from the laundry room.

The violation of his personal space and the theft of his belongings compelled Schlagler to take immediate action and confront the trespasser head-on.

Engaging in a physical incident, the two men exchanged blows for a brief period. Schlagler, describing the encounter, noted how he quickly gained the upper hand, causing the suspect to flee from the property. Undeterred, Schlagler pursued the fleeing individual for a couple of blocks, ensuring that the perpetrator wouldn’t evade justice. Sadly the scrap itself wasn’t caught on video.

Thanks to Schlagler’s vigilance and determination, the suspect, identified as 39-year-old Seth Flint, was apprehended by the police. Authorities charged Flint with burglary following his arrest, marking a significant victory.

Reflecting on the incident, Schlagler expressed a hope that the would-be burglar understood the gravity of his actions and would learn from this experience. It serves as a powerful reminder that homeowners and individuals have the right to protect their property and ensure the safety of their community.

The Staten Island Advance was the first to report on the burglary and Schlagler’s courageous encounter, capturing the attention of the local community and beyond. The story serves as a testament to the power of vigilant citizens who actively participate in safeguarding their neighborhoods.