Marine veteran scares off robbers who followed him home

In a remarkable display of courage, a former Marine veteran from Korea thwarted a daring attack by brazen thieves in his southern California driveway. The heart-pounding incident, captured on the backup camera of his Tesla, unfolded at the veteran’s residence in Fullerton, California, leaving viewers in awe of his bravery.

The eye brow raising encounter took place on a Sunday, shortly after the veteran and his wife returned home from church and a visit to Home Depot. Unbeknownst to them, they had been followed by two men who would later target them in their own garage. The incident occurred in the 1000 block of West Las Palmas Avenue.

Once inside the garage, the veteran was approached by the attackers, who cunningly attempted to convince him that his vehicle had been damaged. Bewildered by their sudden presence, the veteran’s confusion is evident in the recording.

The security camera footage reveals the two men swiftly deploying pepper spray on the unsuspecting target.

In a remarkable show of resilience, the elderly veteran immediately provided resistance, unleashing a series of kicks and punches against the assailants. His courageous struggle caught the attention of two landscapers working in the front yard, who rushed to his aid and joined in the pursuit of the fleeing thieves.

The heroic actions of the landscapers were met with praise and admiration from witnesses, highlighting the spirit of community and collective responsibility. The son of the veteran expressed his gratitude for their intervention, emphasizing the unexpected response of the attackers upon realizing that their intended victim fought back with such determination.

The shocking video of the confrontation quickly gained widespread attention after being shared by ABC 7, accumulating nearly 800,000 views on YouTube within a mere 12 hours. Viewers lauded the veteran for his bravery, while also expressing frustration towards the audacity of the thieves.

Commenters reflected on the societal challenges and commended the victim’s resilience, emphasizing the importance of unity and vigilance in deterring such criminal acts. The incident sparked discussions about the need for a robust legal system that holds criminals accountable and discourages their sense of entitlement.

Law enforcement authorities from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department are actively investigating the incident. The incident may be connected to another recent robbery in Rowland Heights, according to authorities, who confirmed that both cases are being closely examined by the Major Crimes Bureau.