Motorcyclist and Tesla driver try to solve their conflict with their fists

A road rage incident unfolded on the streets of Pasadena as a motorcyclist and the driver of a Tesla engaged in a physical confrontation, captured on video by blogger Charlie Salinas. The dispute escalated quickly, resulting in a full-blown tussle that spilled onto the sidewalk, drawing attention from bystanders.

The incident occurred on the morning of May 19 at the intersection of Fair Oaks Avenue and Holly Street in Pasadena, located northeast of downtown Los Angeles. The video footage reveals the intense confrontation coming to an end when a woman, reported to be the Tesla driver’s mother, intervened by shouting at the two men. A motorcycle police officer arrived at the scene with a taser drawn, demanding that both individuals sit on the curb.

The incident began with both motorists at a standstill. The Tesla driver, positioned in the right-hand northbound lane of Fair Oaks Avenue, appeared to be preparing for a right turn. However, the motorcyclist cut off his path and stopped just in front of the Tesla, leading to a heated exchange.

The motorcyclist dismounted and approached the driver’s side of the Tesla through the open window. Within moments, the Tesla driver opened his door, and the confrontation escalated further as they confronted each other face to face.

Due to the motorcyclist still wearing a helmet, his identity was somewhat obscured. The driver taunted him, saying, ‘Come right here, b*h, I ain’t scared of st. You’re the one with your helmet on.’

At one point, the motorcyclist appeared to be walking back to his bike, but he stopped at the driver’s side door and engaged in a conversation with someone inside the vehicle, later revealed to be the driver’s mother according to his account.

Tensions escalated as the driver forcefully pushed the motorcyclist, triggering a physical altercation. During the scuffle, the motorcyclist’s helmet fell to the ground, and the action continued on the sidewalk for about a minute. Eventually, the woman accompanying Salinas, who was recording the incident, and Salinas himself approached the duo, urging them to stop.

The arrival of a motorcycle police officer, sirens blaring and taser drawn, prompted the two combatants to disengage. The motorcyclist claimed, ‘You hit me first,’ while the driver retrieved his left shoe that had fallen off during the scuffle.

The police officer ordered both individuals to sit on the curb. It was during this moment that the motorcyclist mentioned, ‘It’s on the Tesla camera,’ implying that the incident leading up to the event had been recorded. The driver responded by saying, ‘His wife saw,’ to which the motorcyclist clarified, ‘That’s not my wife, that’s my mom you harassed.’

The outcome of the incident has not been disclosed by the Pasadena Police Department, who received the video footage from Salinas.

Expressing his concern, Salinas advised drivers to remain in their vehicles if confronted with a similar situation and promptly call 911, regardless of who is at fault. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing personal safety and avoiding physical confrontations on the road.

The road rage incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for responsible and calm behavior while driving, ensuring the safety of all individuals on the road.