Police investigating 2 on 1 female tussle at a local park

Recently, an incident has garnered widespread attention. A video posted online shows a teenage girl being subjected to a vicious assault by two females in a park. The footage, which circulated on Twitter, captures the distressing moment when the girl is forcefully pushed to the ground by the attackers in Ashby’s Station Road on a Saturday.

The video shows the two aggressors repeatedly stamping on, punching, and kicking the defenseless girl as she desperately tries to shield her head with her hands. After pausing momentarily to exchange words with her, who manages to sit upright, the assailants deliver a final flurry of kicks before casually walking away from the scene.

The video was shared on Twitter by userĀ  who expressed concern for his younger step sister, the target of the attack. Seeking justice, he called on others to share the footage, drawing attention to the nature of the incident. Another video, posted as a reply to the initial post, depicts a subsequent incident involving the same three girls and an older woman, believed to be the girl’s mother. The footage captures the mother pulling one of the attackers’ hair as she continues to assault her daughter.

Several adults are present in the video, with one man attempting to intervene and separate the girls as they persist in their physical confrontation. Amid the chaotic scene, onlookers can be heard urging the incident to stop. Eventually, the actipn subsides when another man positions himself between the girls, and a woman leads the mother away from the scene.

Speaking to MailOnline, the brother revealed the harrowing details of the incident. He explained that his step sister had arranged to meet her friends in the park when she was unexpectedly blindsided and attacked by the two local girls.

These girls assaulted her, stomping, kicking, and verbally abusing her, while onlookers not only watched but also laughed and recorded the disturbing episode without offering any assistance.

The aftermath of the assault left the victim with injuries in multiple areas, including her head, hands, back, arms, legs, knees, shoulders, and thighs. It is crucial to note that the perpetrators continue to send threats, underscoring the urgent need for protection and prevention in an age when social media can facilitate such malicious acts.

The family, along with the girl, hopes that those responsible for the attack, as well as the bystanders who failed to intervene, are held accountable for their actions.

Leicestershire Police have confirmed their awareness of the video depicting the assault and assured the public that investigations into the incident are ongoing. Officers from the North West Leicestershire Neighbourhood Policing Area (NPA) will be conducting interviews with all individuals involved. Anyone with relevant information is urged to come forward and assist the police by providing details related to the incident, quoting the reference number provided.