Power slap starts unforgettable scrap at a fast food place

The Dana White Power Slap League has been the subject of intense scrutiny, drawing attention from various quarters due to its controversial nature and the potential risks it poses.

Led by the renowned UFC president, this unique league introduces a distinct form of combat centered around power-slapping matches. However, criticisms have emerged, raising concerns about fighter exploitation and the undermining of combat sports principles.

Critics argue that the Power Slap League, which draws inspiration from viral videos and internet challenges, lacks the technicality, strategy, and discipline associated with traditional combat sports.

Moreover, health experts have sounded the alarm about the severe injuries that can occur during slap competitions.

But regardless of that, Power slap did get a shout out recently.

A slap video went viral, leading to increased trolling and mockery from fans. The video, shared on social media, depicted a man shouting at people in a restaurant’s billing area. Another individual intervened and delivered a slap to the shouting man, escalating into a nasty scrap.

The incident quickly drew the attention of everyone present at the restaurant, diverting their focus to the altercation. Eventually, the individual who initially delivered the slap departed. The video sparked a wave of humorous comments from fans associated with the Power Slap League.

And while it’s all fun and games when it’s out there in the wild – it’s not nearly as fun to see aging MMA legends enter these competitions simply because they’re tapped out financially.

While we’ve all been in a conflict or two in our time, it’s best to not sign up for a concussion willingly for the meager prize of $2,000 as was reportedly the pay for appearing on season 1 of power slap.

Dana White recently lashed out at the media once again and claimed he outperformed NBA’s division finals:

“We did almost 2 million viewers, and 4 billion media impressions… We gained 253k followers, from a Monday to a Monday. We had 125 million video views… This thing fu**ing crushes it on social media.”

He continued:

“Here’s what’s even more impressive. When you think about games 4-7 between the Heat and the Celtics… The Celtics came back three in a row and game 7 was historic… Total video views for them, games 4 through 7, the Heat had 20 [million], Celtics had 29, Power Slap had 31. As far as video views go, it was 65 million to 90 million.”