Racist Kick streamer ‘Johnny Somali’ gets choked while streaming in Japan

The controversial Kick streamer known as ‘Johnny Somali’ has once again found himself at the center of a heated incident, this time in Japan, where a fed-up local took matters into their own hands. This incident is just the latest in a series of troubling events surrounding the inflammatory broadcaster.

Over the past month, ‘Johnny Somali’ has garnered significant attention on the internet due to his questionable behavior while traveling abroad.


Currently residing in Japan, he live-streams his adventures in the country’s vibrant nightlife. However, his streams have faced widespread criticism from both online communities and Japanese citizens, as he frequently makes racist remarks and harasses locals during his outings.

In a particularly notorious clip that went viral in late May, the streamer faced backlash after making offensive comments about Hiroshima and Nagasaki to fellow passengers on a train. This incident brought significant negative attention to ‘Johnny Somali’ and intensified the growing discontent toward his actions.

However, it seems that his behavior is not going unnoticed or without consequences. Early in June, the controversial streamer was confronted by a local individual who had reached their limit with his offensive remarks. Judging by the local’s response, it appeared that ‘Johnny Somali’ had once again resorted to making racist comments, specifically referencing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The incident, which unfolded during a live stream, captured the moment when the fed-up Japanese local approached ‘Johnny Somali’ from behind and applied a rear naked chokehold. Caught off-guard, the streamer’s camera went into disarray before ultimately blacking out. Despite the chaos, viewers could still hear the scuffle, with ‘Johnny Somali’ pleading with his attacker to relent.

This recent episode follows another confrontation where the streamer was accosted by a group of Japanese locals outside his place of residence, a moment that also went viral. While it appears that the authorities were involved, the outcome of that altercation remains unclear.


As ‘Johnny Somali’ continues to stream on his Kick channel, public outrage over his behavior continues to grow. However, it is important to note that he is not the sole content creator causing controversy in the online realm. TikTok prankster Mizzy has also faced severe backlash for his prank videos, resulting in multiple arrests and a two-year court order against him.