Racist teens attack Korean woman in Sydney Near Town Hall

A video circulating on social media shows an incident in Sydney where a young Korean woman was attacked. The incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning as the Korean woman and her friend were walking back to their hotel.

According to an Instagram account named ‘degeneratehunting,’ the two women, aged 23 and 32 and hailing from Melbourne, encountered a group of teenagers near Town Hall in Sydney’s CBD. The teenagers reportedly started using racist slurs and making threats towards the two women, which prompted one of the Korean women to begin recording for self-defense.

The footage captures a confrontation between the Korean woman and one of the teenagers. The Korean woman is dragged to the ground, repeatedly struck, and kicked in the head. In the background, another teenager can be heard encouraging the attack by shouting “bash the b****” and eventually snatching the camera used for filming.

Both women suffered injuries during the incident, and their phones were initially stolen. NSW Police responded to the scene after receiving reports of the assault and are currently investigating the incident. They urge anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000.

Sadly incidents like these aren’t a rarity nowdays. They highlight the importance of martial arts in the modern world considering that even a little bit of self defense could’ve gone a long way in this situation.