Street row turns into brawl as teenage girl and woman get physical with each other

Streets have their own rules and as such even experienced athletes are apprehensive when it comes to squaring off with no holds barred.

Recently a video went viral. It featured a neighborhood in Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire. In the footage, two women, aged 18 and 34, were squabbling over a reportedly love interest quarrel before it turned into a clash, and eventually, a mass brawl.

The footage started with a spat between the 18-year-old woman (dressed in blue) and the 34-year-old (dressed in red) in a broad daylight. It is apparently so noisy that some spectators decide to take their phones and record the squabble.

The two women are seen pointing their fingers in each other’s faces as the older woman in red repeatedly yells:
“Get your hand out of my face. Go on.”

The argument got heated real fast as both started to clinch and throw hooks at each other in no time. In addition to this the two also pulled each other’s hair to deal more damage.

The two eventually took the brawl to the nearest fence, where the pair also threw in some knees for a good measure.

While initially, the bystanders were just watching the two women, some of them started to approach the two.

Instead of separating the two or calling the local authorities, several people start to hit the clashing ladies and join in the brawl, escalating the altercation into a mass brawl.

While it is mostly other women that join the brawl, a young boy can be seen also joining in the chaos out of the blue, captured landing several kicks and punches on the woman in red.

Despite how the brawl escalated real fast, it also rounded off as quickly as the two groups disbanded themselves.

The two have apparently not sustained any serious injuries and decided to not involve the police on the matter.