The real life ‘Undertaker’ styles on a number of opponents paying homage to WWE icon

A video has been circulating online, showcasing an incredible self-defense challenge. In the clip, one man is seen exchanging with several and against all odds, he emerges victorious.

The title and caption of the video playfully liken the man to the pro-wrestling superstar, The Undertaker, due to his large stature and long hair.

In the video, the incident begins with all individuals eager to take on the man. Remarkably, he manages to fend them off, using his height and reach to his advantage. He skillfully maintains a safe distance.

Throughout the video, he employs strikes that keep his opponents at bay, and it becomes evident that he possesses some boxing skills.

Towards the end of the clip, the others attempt to overwhelm him by launching simultaneously. Despite facing greater challenges, the man still manages to gain the upper hand by utilizing an object found nearby.

As he holds onto the object, the will to keep going at him dies down, and an onlooker intervenes, bringing the video to an end.

The context behind the video remains unknown, but it has garnered millions of views and is being widely shared.

This video serves as a testament to the importance of self-defense skills, as the individual successfully defended himself. It also highlights the effectiveness of boxing as a martial art for self-defense. While BJJ is often cited as a bad example of a martial art to use in this type of a situation, boxing might be up to the task.

Controversial social media personality and former kickboxing world champion, Andrew Tate, has advocated for boxing as a practical self-defense skill. He advises individuals to “stay on your feet, use your hands, and do not go to the ground,” emphasizing that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and wrestling may not be as effective in situations like this.

The man in the video appears to have implemented Tate’s advice effectively, utilizing his striking skills and avoiding being taken to the ground.