Three men gambling in garage overpower two armed robbers

Three Vietnamese men, deeply engrossed in a card game in Tacoma, Washington, displayed remarkable bravery as they thwarted an armed robbery attempt by two assailants. This heart-pounding incident unfolded at a residence on Alaska Street, showcasing the resilience and valor of the gamblers.

Surveillance footage from the scene captures the two would-be robbers, clad in hoodies, barging into the garage where the card game was in full swing. One of the assailants menacingly aimed his firearm at the trio seated around the game table, adorned with chips, cards, and a game board.

The situation escalated rapidly as one of the robbers commanded, ‘Freeze!’ The startled gamblers, their hands raised in mid-air, responded with a frantic plea, ‘Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!’ The tension in the room rose as one of the gamblers boldly questioned the situation, exclaiming, ‘What the f**k, man?’

Undeterred, the armed robbers demanded the surrender of phones, keys, and money. As one of the gamblers began emptying his jacket pockets, one of the assailants menacingly waved his firearm in the air and struck one of the men on the head.

Amid the robbers’ harsh commands to ‘Hurry up!’ and ‘Lay down,’ a violent confrontation ensued. Remarkably, one of the gamblers revealed that one of his fellow players was his uncle and disclosed the involvement of two additional individuals waiting outside in a getaway car.


The situation took an unexpected turn as the robbers initiated chaos by intentionally colliding with one of the gamblers’ cars parked in front of the garage. Following this, they hastily retreated, leaping onto the car, and speeding away. As of the latest update, two of the robbers have been apprehended.

The identities of the assailants remain unclear, and law enforcement’s involvement in the matter is yet to be confirmed. The video documenting this harrowing encounter quickly gained popularity on Instagram, amassing over 26,000 likes.

The brave gamblers’ actions drew admiration and amusement from viewers, with some commending their swift response to defend themselves. Amid the tension, the gamblers had seemingly been enjoying pizza and spirits before the unexpected intrusion.

This unforgettable incident showcased the remarkable bravery of these Vietnamese gamblers who, in the face of danger, valiantly protected their game and their safety.