Two security guards struggle to handle single perp, scuffle ensues

A recent viral video has brought attention to the significance of grappling skills in everyday life, particularly in law enforcement.

The footage captures a chaotic scene during a store opening, where a man becomes engaged in a grappling match with two uniformed police officers.

Right from the start, it becomes evident that despite being outnumbered, the man is able to hold his own against the armed officers. He even manages to rise to his feet, but instead of effectively restraining him, one of the security personnel forcefully pushes him into a nearby wall, briefly interrupting the grappling exchange.


Throughout the incident, the man continues to engage with the security guards, seemingly attempting to gain control of a firearm. While one security guard pulls him away from his colleague, a gunshot is heard, fortunately without injuring anyone present.

The grappling struggle persists, with the man eventually seizing the weapon. This prompts both security guards to intensify their efforts, yet they appear incapable of effectively subduing him or gaining control over the situation. Despite having the leverage advantage, they struggle to isolate his arm and neutralize the threat.

One of the primary objectives of BJJ training for law enforcement personnel is to equip officers with practical techniques to deescalate confrontations without resorting to excessive force. By adopting this approach, trust can be fostered, and positive relationships between law enforcement and the community can be nurtured.

The incident captured in the video underscores the potential benefits of mandatory BJJ training for police officers. In addition to promoting practical self-defense skills, BJJ offers excellent cardiovascular exercise, helping officers improve their overall fitness and well-being. By implementing such training programs, law enforcement agencies may reduce the likelihood of similar incidents and avoid the potential embarrassment that arises from a lack of control in volatile situations.

Fortunately, no one was harmed during this incident, although luck appears to have played a significant role in preventing any injuries. The video serves as a reminder of the importance of equipping law enforcement officers with the necessary grappling skills to effectively and safely manage such encounters.