UFC welterweight reacts to viral video: Cops need to be required to be at least a BJJ blue belt

A recent video capturing a dramatic traffic stop turned brawl in Manhattan has garnered significant attention, including that of UFC welterweight Kelvin Gastelum. Gastelum believes that police officers should undergo martial arts training to better handle physical altercations.

The video showcased a driver fearlessly engaging in a physical altercation with three NYPD officers despite their attempts to apprehend him.

Taking to Twitter, Gastelum voiced his thoughts and called for a change. He wrote: “I’m sorry but this can’t be happening. 3 on 1 and cops still can’t apprehend this man. Props to the guy. But I feel like cops need to be required to be at least a blue belt. This shouldn’t happen.”

Gastelum firmly believes that law enforcement officers should possess a certain level of martial arts training to enhance their ability to effectively handle such conflicts. By suggesting that officers obtain at least a blue belt which signifies a certain proficiency in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Gastelum aims to ensure situations like the one captured in the video are better managed.

BJJ Blue belt takes about a year of training jiu-jitsu depending on the affiliation you train under. It requires being proficient in roughly 100 techniques – all of which would enable you to control an unskilled opponent without much effort.

Higher levels of BJJ typically deal with understanding how to deal with someone who already has some martial arts skills.

Kelvin Gastelum is also a former winner of the TUF reality series. He recently announced his decision to return to the UFC welterweight division.

Eager to become the welterweight champion, Gastelum took to Twitter to share the news. He expressed his determination for his upcoming weight cut and matches in the 170 lbs division. In a Twitter video, Gastelum made his intentions clear.

Gastelum said: “I am making an official announcement. An official drop down to 170 [lbs].”

In his most recent matchup, Gastelum defeated Chris Curtis by unanimous decision at UFC 287 in Miami. The victory ended his two-bout losing run against Robert Whittaker and Jared Cannonier. It also won him a bonus for Fight of the Night.