Unhinged brawl on ferry forces it to return to port just 20 minutes after it departed

In a surprising incident that left onlookers fearing, a chaotic incident unfolded on a ferry, prompting screams of horror. The unsettling brawl occurred during a journey from Dublin, Ireland to Holyhead in Wales on July 8.

Footage captured the scene as a man, sporting an Adidas top, resorted to using salad tongs to defend himself while being surrounded. Eventually, the brawl was brought under control, but not before causing panic among passengers.

The video, although unclear at times, displays the intense situation where the man in the Adidas top found himself under attack. In an act of self-defense, he grasped salad tongs as an improvised tool.  Amidst the chaos, other passengers remained seated, calmly observing the distressing events unfolding before them.

The exact cause of the incident remains unknown, but the incident prompted the ferry to turn back to Dublin merely 20 minutes after departing. The safety of all passengers on board was of utmost concern, leading to the decision to return to the port. Irish Ferries, committed to ensuring passenger well-being, promptly addressed the situation with the assistance of Irish authorities. After the incident was addressed, the ship resumed its journey at 15:52.

Apologies were issued by Irish Ferries to the affected passengers, acknowledging the disruption caused by the incident. The ferry company continues to cooperate with the ongoing investigation conducted by the authorities.

There’s an uptick in incidents relating to transportation lately, although the majority have been tied to air travel. Just recently a boxer was apprehended after trying to open up a window on a plane mid flight.

Woman was also forcibly removed from flight, carried by cops, for threatening passenger.

The details surrounding the brawl are still emerging, and the Garda has been contacted for further comments and information regarding the incident.

While instances like these are unsettling, they underscore the need for comprehensive security measures to prevent and manage any potential disruptions during travel. The well-being of passengers should always be prioritized, allowing them to journey with peace of mind and without fear of encountering such distressing incidents.