(Video) UFC ref cautions police needs grappling lessons after shinning a spotlight on intervention video

Mike Beltran is a well-known American mixed martial arts and boxing referee. He is easily recognizable by his distinctive appearance, often sporting a long beard and tattoos. Beltran has officiated in various high-profile MMA and boxing events, overseeing the action inside the ring or cage to ensure the fighters’ safety and adherence to the rules.

Beltran’s refereeing style is notable for his authoritative presence and focus on safety. He has been involved in numerous major MMA promotions, including the UFC, where he has overseen bouts in different weight classes and divisions.

In addition to his refereeing duties, Mike Beltran has gained a level of fame within the combat sports community due to his unique look and unmistakable presence.

Interestingly, he’s often made to tuck in his Asterix type moustache into his shirt.

Beltran recently piped in and shared an interesting police intervention demonstrating the value of grappling for someone who is in law enforcement.

“The importance of LEO’S having a perishable skill set. Love this video. I hope you LEO’S out there are working and training. Invest in yourselves and be safe out there. BJJ might just save your life or the life of your partners.”

In the video we can observe proper grip control to start with. The LEO in question exhibits double wrist control. Once that’s unable to restrain the perp, the police officer instead opts for an under hook and an elbow grip to set up a hip throw.

Hip throws are considered a hallmark of women’s MMA, due to different body weight distribution. They are rarely seen in men’s MMA.

Once the two are grounded, the police officer is quick to set up his position in what’s referred to as side control in jiu-jitsu. From this point he isolates the perp’s arm to setup a submission.

Once he has the kimura in place he’s effectively able to control the suspect without straining himself.