Waffle house employees sick of incidents with customers: We’re not into MMA

Waffle House employees are pushing for safer working conditions and increased wages after numerous viral brawls with customers. The fast-food giant, known for its widespread presence in America, is facing demands from its workforce for better treatment and pay.

Despite boasting nearly 2,000 locations nationwide, Waffle House has become synonymous with not just its popular pancakes but also a series of wild incident videos that have circulated online. One notable incident involved an employee, dubbed “Waffle House Wendy,” catching a chair during a massive incident, gaining widespread attention.

Tired of being part of these viral spectacles, Waffle House employees have taken action. Over 13,000 workers have signed a petition advocating for improved safety measures, a minimum wage of $25 per hour, and other workplace reforms.

In a video shared on social media on November 8, employees claimed to have delivered the signed petitions to Waffle House’s headquarters in Atlanta. However, they alleged that the corporate office responded unfavorably, threatening to involve the police and disposing of the petitions.

The petitions outline key demands, including the implementation of 24/7 security, an end to the mandatory meal deduction policy, and a raise in wages to $25 per hour from the current “poverty wages.”

Waffle House cook Gerald Green expressed the frustration of the staff, emphasizing that employees are not trained MMA professionals and don’t want to be involved in altercations with customers. Green highlighted the seriousness of the situation, citing a personal tragedy where a friend passed away during a robbery while on a shift. Despite the traumatic incident, Green was compelled to continue working shortly after his friend’s death.

The workers are seeking substantial changes in the restaurant’s policies to ensure a safer and more respectful working environment, urging Waffle House to address these concerns promptly.