WATCH: 16 year old wrestler prevents child snatching

A heroic act by a 16-year-old wrestler has won the hearts of many as he stepped out of the wrestling mats and into a situation where he saved three children from a kidnapper. The incident took place at Chuck’s Gas Station in Dona Ana, New Mexico a while back.

The perp, identified as 22-year-old Daniel Beltran, grabbed the arm of a two-year-old child and threatened the mother to give away her other two children, who were aged one and nine years old. When the mother tried to resist, Beltran punched her with a forceful blow, causing her to fall to the ground with her youngest child in a carrier strapped to her back.

The bystanders tried to help the mother, but Beltran went at them as well. Eventually, the woman and her children were able to move into the gas station store with the help of the bystanders. The store’s door was held by a man to keep the attacker away from the family, but Beltran broke into the store and started to search for the kids, punching two other women in the process.

Canaan Bower, a 16-year-old
Canaan Bower, a 16-year-old

Canaan Bower, a 16-year-old wrestler who had recently won a heavyweight championship, saw the incident from across the street where he was gassing his truck. He quickly understood the situation and drove to the gas station.

When he arrived, the incident had already moved inside the store. Without hesitation, Bower tackled Beltran by putting him in a submission and held him down until the police arrived.

Thanks to Bower’s heroic intervention, the mother, her children, and the bystanders were saved from further harm. Beltran has been charged with multiple counts. The mother, children, and bystanders who were injured were offered medical care immediately.

The brave and selfless act of Canaan Bower saved the lives of three children and their mother. This incident reminds us that heroism can be found in unexpected places and people, and that we should always be willing to step up and help those in need.

The community of Dona Ana, New Mexico, is grateful for Bower’s quick thinking and bravery, which prevented the situation from escalating any further.