WATCH: A good friend comes in with a flying kick

In a riveting real life incident captured on social media, a man showcased his warrior spirit by delivering a remarkable ‘Spartan kick’ to a person who had knocked his friend out MMA-style.

This unexpected twist in the incident has set social media abuzz, drawing comparisons to iconic movie scenes and leaving netizens in awe. It’s reminiscent of a legendary Renzo Gracie quote:
“A good friend doesn’t try to break up a fight. A good friend comes in with a flying kick.””

The dramatic scene unfolded like a scripted action sequence when an initial verbal confrontation escalated into a full fledged incident. A right-hand blow sent one individual near a pickup truck where his friend was seated. Seizing the moment, the defender leaped from the truck, executing a powerful ‘Spartan kick,’ reminiscent of Gerard Butler’s iconic move in the film “300.”

Interestingly, this technique bears a resemblance to moves witnessed in professional MMA bouts. Notable instances include Michael Chandler’s front kick at UFC 274, which rendered Tony Ferguson knocked out, and Marlon Vera’s TKO of Frankie Edgar with a similar maneuver. The move gained fame when Anderson Silva knocked out Vitor Belfort using a comparable technique.

The spontaneous and seemingly choreographed nature of the incident has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media. Fans marveled at the defender’s swift and courageous response, with many likening him to Leonidas from “300.” The video has become a viral sensation, with the ‘Spartan kick’ meme gaining traction across online communities.

Social media responses ranged from disbelief to admiration, with netizens praising the defender’s martial arts prowess. Memorable comments included references to Hulk Hogan’s Big Boot, comparisons to urban Sparta, and the observation that the defender managed to keep hold of his beer throughout the ordeal.

In the realm self defense, this ‘Spartan kick’ moment has etched itself into the collective memory, serving as a captivating and unexpected spectacle.