WATCH: An altercation in Brazil showcases why so many UFC champs were from there

Altercations are a possibility through each and every day of life. However some cultures and societies look unfavorably on participating in a conflict regardless if you instigated it.

Over the history of the UFC there has been a number of dominant Champions. Among them are Deiveson Figueiredo, Charles Oliveira, Fabrício Werdum, Maurício Rua, Glover Teixeira, Murilo Bustamante, Anderson Silva, Rafael dos Anjos, José Aldo, Renan Barão, Cris Cyborg, Amanda Nunes and Jessica Andrade.

Along with US and Russia, Brazil is a major powerhouse when it comes to mixed martial arts. But this is also a result of the fact that martial arts are deeply ingrained in the culture so there’s seldom a male individual that’s completely incapable of defending himself in an educated manner.

This next altercation was quite a whirlwind.

The clip was filmed on a cellphone in a Brazilian countryside. Two male individuals were involved in what looked like a run down pool hall of some sort.

After the gentleman in the red shorts tries throwing heavy shots, his opponent capitalizes on an opening and scores monster takedown.

It should be noted here that the red shorts man defended here by posting his arm in a manner that often backfires in mixed martial arts – but despite that the brawl keeps on going.

Before he recovers and gets up – the other gentleman scores a soccer kick impairing his balance.

At this point a third individual meddles and tries to play referee between the two. The second exchange mirrors the first. After wild strikes the black shorts man once again secures a throwing hold however this time he’s significantly less succesful and effectively grounds them both on himself or slightly to the side.

His opponent recovers faster. At this point he starts throwing heavy shots from a short distance and is restrained by the wannabe referee. The two try to keep going but multiple others get involved and the ‘ref’ even starts throwing.

‘Surviving that head drop was impressive as f’ one observer writes. Another added ‘Nice to remember my beloved country. Such a nice memories from many late nights in similar places. This one is a bit upscale but still Brazil.’

‘Soon as his head hits the ground there’s like a water drop sound and I can’t stop laughing at it.’ another commenter wrote.

When all was said and done the camera person was impacted by the altercation and ceased filming as a result. It’s unclear what outcome the altercation had in the end but impressive nevertheless.