WATCH: Bills and Jets scrap in the tunnel after Buffalo’s blowout win

After Buffalo’s Dominant Win, Dion Dawkins and Michael Clemons Clashed on and off the Field.

In the aftermath of the Buffalo Bills’ decisive 32-6 victory over the New York Jets, the intense on-field rivalry between the two AFC East teams spilled over into post-game altercations, with tensions boiling over both during the match and in the locker room.

During the early stages of the fourth quarter, a heated exchange unfolded between Jets defensive end Michael Clemons and Bills offensive tackle Dion Dawkins. The confrontation originated from Dawkins’ late hit on Clemons during a play, resulting in Clemons retaliating by forcefully tossing the 320-pound Dawkins several yards away.

Attempting to draw a penalty flag, Dawkins attempted to roll over and flop on his back, but instead, he found himself penalized for unnecessary roughness due to his initial hit on Clemons.

The animosity between the two players escalated as they exchanged words throughout the fourth quarter. This tension reached a near-breaking point as the teams walked to the locker rooms after the game, leading to another skirmish.

The post-game altercation involved not only Dawkins and Clemons but also Bills defensive tackle Ed Oliver. Dawkins expressed his dissatisfaction with the Jets, labeling them as “disrespectful players” in a post-game statement.

Following the incident, reports indicated that Clemons needed to be calmed down, and he left the locker room without addressing the altercation. The rivalry between the Bills and Jets had clearly reached a boiling point during the game, as confirmed by Bills tight end Dalton Kincaid, who acknowledged the growing animosity between the two teams.

The intensity of the clashes, both on and off the field, adds another layer of drama to the already fierce rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets, capturing the attention of football enthusiasts and fueling anticipation for future matchups.