WATCH: Brawl sparks outrage as white student attacks black classmate using racial slur

at Shawnee Mission East High School, a video capturing the harrowing moment a white student physically attacked a black classmate, accompanied by racial slurs, has ignited widespread protests and a mass walkout. The shocking altercation resulted in the hospitalization of the black student, who now faces suspension, fueling a demand for stronger actions against racial incidents within schools.

The incident, recorded and initially shared by The Kansas City Defender, unfolds as a black student engages in a heated exchange with two white girls, alleging racial slurs directed at her. A male student not involved initially interjects with offensive language, escalating tensions.

The confrontation reaches a violent climax as the white student physically assaults the black student, prompting onlookers to capture the altercation on film. The use of racial slurs intensifies the distressing scene. A teacher eventually intervenes, putting an end to the assault.

Tragically, the black student was left hospitalized with a broken nose, further fueling the already charged atmosphere. Surprisingly, the school administration suspended the victim, prompting a mass walkout in protest on Monday. Outraged students displayed signs demanding action, expressing concerns about their safety and urging repercussions for racial slurs.

The school district, responding to the incident, stated their commitment to taking racism and violence seriously, emphasizing adherence to existing policies. Both students involved in the altercation faced suspensions, but the decision to penalize the victim intensified the outcry.

The protest also shed light on broader issues within the school, with reports of previous racial incidents and accusations of discriminatory remarks by school officials. Calls for increased awareness, education, and more stringent consequences for racial offenses within educational institutions gained momentum.

As the video circulated on social media, exposing the vulnerability felt by students, the incident prompted discussions about the need for proactive measures in addressing racial tensions within schools. The outcry reflects a broader call for change, urging educational institutions to create safer environments and actively combat racism.

This disturbing episode adds to the growing concerns about racial disparities within schools, emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive initiatives to ensure the well-being and security of all students, regardless of their racial background.