WATCH: Bully in ‘beast mode’ t-shirt gets taught lesson

In a recent video going viral on social media, viewers witnessed a locker-room scrap involving two lads. What makes this video interesting is that the instigator of the incident was sporting a ‘Beast Mode’ T-shirt. It turns out this bully got a taste of his own medicine.

The video shows the person wearing the ‘Beast Mode’ T-shirt repeatedly provoking the other one, daring him to strike. Eventually, the one on the receiving end throws a powerful punch that knocks down the instigator. They engage in a scuffle before authorities intervene to break it up. The video concludes with the bully sitting, red pouring from his mouth.

Ironically, the one who appeared to be bullying the other had offered his chin, reminiscent of Anderson Silva’s tactics in a bout against Chris Weidman. Silva invited Weidman to hit him as a form of taunting, but it led to his downfall.

The video garnered a significant response from fans. Many drew parallels with professional MMA stars who’ve faced bullies or used taunts to their advantage. Georges St-Pierre, for example, took up martial arts as a means of self-defense against bullies in his childhood.

Joe Rogan shared a story about being attacked by a larger girl on a bus during 9th grade, while his sister watched.

Despite being physically capable of defending himself, Rogan hesitated to retaliate, leaving him humiliated.

The incident had a lasting impact on Rogan, inspiring his journey into martial arts, including taekwondo, kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu.

Rogan eventually became a black belt under Rigan Machado and Eddie Bravo, fueled by his passion for different perspectives and storytelling. One can only hope that the ‘Beast mode’ had a similar come to Jesus moment.

It’s evident that in the world of MMA and beyond, bullies often get their comeuppance.