WATCH: Calgary Wranglers and Manitoba Moose Players Engage in Fiery Brawl During AHL Opening Weekend

During the opening weekend of the AHL, an intense brawl unfolded in the game between the Calgary Wranglers and the Manitoba Moose, captivating fans with a display of raw energy and determination.

On a Friday night, midway through the first period, a fiery exchange of blows erupted between the Wranglers’ left-wing dynamo, Alex Gallant, and the formidable Manitoba forward, Jeffrey Viel. What ensued was a relentless exchange of punches that resonated throughout the arena, leaving the spectators in awe.

The ice was a battleground as both players landed dozens of punches, showcasing their unwavering commitment to their teams. Gallant’s helmet eventually came off during the ferocious encounter, leading the officials to step in and separate the two combatants, ensuring their safety.

As the dust settled, Viel’s face bore the marks of the intense battle, appearing bloodied as he skated away from the altercation. It was a vivid testament to the sheer intensity of the moment.

The Calgary Wranglers, appreciative of Gallant’s valor, posted a photo on X, showing their support for their player with the caption ‘Real G.’ This social media endorsement highlighted the camaraderie and spirit of the team, celebrating Gallant’s fearless performance.

While the Wranglers were trailing 2-0 at the time of the fight, it ignited a remarkable comeback. About six minutes after the brawl, the Wranglers staged a powerful resurgence by netting a goal, signaling their renewed determination to secure victory. Their newfound energy was unstoppable.

The comeback was far from over, as the visitors continued to dominate the game. The Wranglers delivered three more unanswered goals, concluding the game with a resounding 4-2 victory. Their performance showcased the unwavering spirit of the team, which had been ignited by the dramatic brawl earlier in the game.

Fans can eagerly anticipate the rematch between the Wranglers and the Moose, set to take place on Sunday. The intensity of the opening weekend AHL clash has set the stage for an exciting season, promising more thrilling moments on the ice.