WATCH: Chaotic brawl erupts between families at Disneyland’s Fantasyland

Chaotic brawl between two families broke out at the world-famous Disneyland Park in California, near the Storybook Land Canal Boats and Mad Tea Party rides in Fantasyland. The incident took place on a Sunday afternoon, turning the “Happiest Place on Earth” into an unexpected battleground.

The brawl, captured in a now-viral video, started when a guest wearing blue pushed another guest in red. In the video, the conflict escalated quickly, with a third guest in red throwing a punch at the initial instigator. As the incident unfolded, more guests joined in, creating a scene of chaos.

The situation became more chaotic when a woman kicked a man who had fallen to the ground. The brawl attracted a crowd of onlookers, while Disneyland security and Fantasyland cast members rushed to break up the incident.

According to an Instagram user who recorded the incident, the conflict began when the family wearing red refused to make way for another family with strollers. Heated verbal exchanges led to an escalation, involving not only the adults but also teenage girls from both families.

Disneyland Park issued a statement stating that they do not tolerate violence on their premises. They confirmed that their security team responded promptly and notified the Anaheim Police Department. The party responsible for initiating the incident was swiftly removed from the park, and no injuries were reported. Nevertheless, no arrests were made, and the incident is still under investigation by the Anaheim Police Department.

Despite being known as a place of magic and dreams, Disneyland has seen its share of altercations over the years. In May 2022, another broke out during the return of the “Fantasmic!” nighttime show. Disneyland Resort security intervened and removed the guests from the park. In another incident at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, two individuals were removed and trespassed following the incident.

The incident has also drawn attention to the need for visitors to adhere to park rules and regulations, showing courtesy to fellow guests and cast members.

Last week, Disney announced an increase in admission prices for both Disneyland and Disney World, emphasizing the need for visitors to follow park rules, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.