WATCH: Citizen intervention or a snitch attempt? Man trips perp to help out local law enforcement

An intriguing incident in Toronto has ignited widespread debate after a bystander took action to assist local police in apprehending a suspect attempting to flee from a potential crime scene.

Law enforcement videos often captivate viewers, showcasing a variety of dramatic scenarios, from officers employing WWE-style finishing moves to pursuing unusual suspects like tractors crashing into Waffle House establishments.

The latest incident causing ripples across online platforms originates from Toronto, Canada. As police pursued a fleeing suspect, an observant onlooker extended his foot to halt the individual in his tracks, leading to a swift apprehension.

In a viralĀ  clip disseminated on TikTok, the bystander physically intervenes with an officer before the suspect makes a frantic dash for freedom. In a timely act, a ‘vigilante’ on the scene expertly trips the suspect, enabling the law enforcement officers to swiftly secure an arrest.

The video, garnering over 300,000 views so far, has spurred divided reactions among viewers. Opinions are sharply split concerning the bystander’s intervention.

While some laud the bystander as a “hero” and even suggest him for the “citizen of the year” title, others view his actions as unwarranted, asserting that he should not have taken matters into his own hands.

The comment section reflects this dichotomy of views:

“Vigilantism is a crime,” one user firmly states.
“Why do other people always want to play police?” another user rhetorically questions.

Furthermore, concerns have been raised that the intervening bystander might face charges for his actions. There’s speculation that he may have risked being arrested himself.

“Is he guilty of assault?” another commenter ponders.

“This is Canada; you can’t do that. Criminals have more rights than us,” laments an individual on TikTok.

As of now, details remain scant regarding the charges brought against the fleeing suspect and the ultimate fate of the “hero” who aided the police officers. Nevertheless, it’s evident that public opinion is polarized, leaving many undecided on whether the bystander’s intervention ultimately served the greater good.