WATCH: Drivers hurl bricks at each other’s cars in Minnesota highway road rage

A video has surfaced online detailing an eyebrow raising road rage incident that occurred on Tuesday on Highway 62 in Richfield, Minnesota. The video shows three men throwing bricks and slabs of concrete at each other’s cars, leaving one man arrested on assault charges.

Initial incident and Arrest

According to reports, the altercation began on I-35 in Minneapolis before continuing on Minnesota State Highway 62. Traffic cameras captured the moment when three men got out of their cars and started throwing large concrete slabs at each other’s vehicles.

One of the men involved, Romeo Deville Eady, 32, of Maple Grove, was arrested on assault charges and taken to Hennepin County Adult Detention Center. He has since been released on bail and is awaiting his court hearing scheduled for June 26th. Eady’s bail was set at $78.

The Road Rage Incident

It remains unclear what caused the men to start the duel, but the video clearly shows the undignified actions. One man in a white car threw the first slab, hitting the hood and windshield of the black car. The slab appeared to dent the vehicle but did not break the windshield.

Seconds later, a man in a black t-shirt charged from nearby, picked up a concrete slab from a stone wall, and aimed it at the white car’s front window. The driver of the white car immediately scrambled into his vehicle and drove away. Despite this, the man in the black t-shirt still threw the rock at the car, hitting the window near the mirror.

Aftermath and Ongoing Investigation

Two men drove off in their respective cars, while one man was left standing on the sidewalk. The police located all three men, and Eady was arrested. The incident remains under investigation by local and state police.

Minnesota State Police have commented on the increasing incidents of aggressive driving and have revealed they are receiving “10 to 20” incidents a day, according to Sgt. Troy Christianson.