WATCH: Failed Dojo stormer gets humbled by UFC veteran & subsequently arrested for unspeakable crimes

Muhsin Corbbrey is a man of many talents. He is a BJJ black belt, a judo black belt, and a muay Thai kru, and he owns the #1 combat sports training facility in Savannah, Georgia – the Champions Training Center (CTC).

But his expertise extends beyond the realm of combat sports. Corbbrey is also a doctoral candidate in Psychology, with a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University, and undergraduate degrees in public health, political science, and homeland security and emergency management.

Corbbrey is also a bonafide MMA legend having faced Nick Diaz back in the day.

Corbbrey recounted a wild incident from his past involving a Dojo Stormer named Taylor Tallent. The incident took place some years back when Tallent called Corbbrey’s gym, talking recklessly and claiming that he wanted to clash with whoever was there.

Dojo Storming is a practice that has largely been curtailed since the advent of mixed martial arts, as evidenced by Corbbrey trying to steer Tallent to a class.

However, it has a long history in martial arts, going back to ancient times in Japan where it was known as Dojoyaburi. The Kodokan school of judo and the Gracie family in Brazil have been heavily involved in the practice.

The UFC was even inspired by the practice. However, there have been instances where Dojo Storming has led to tragic ends, like the demise of Jim Koncevic during a storming incident in 1970.

When Corbbrey arrived at the gym, Tallent was already there and continued to be belligerent. Corbbrey offered Tallent a chance to try a class on Monday, but the latter refused and asked for a chance to face Corbbrey to prove his street cred.

Corbbrey responded by making Tallent sign a waiver, and then proceeded to teach him a lesson and submit him before throwing him out of the gym.

It turns out that Corbbrey’s suspicions about Tallent were warranted. Tallent was subsequently arrested for a number of despicable deeds.

Overall, Dojo Storming is a practice that is frowned upon in the martial arts community. It is much better to train and compete within the confines of a gym or dojo, and to leave the challenges to professionals.

As for the rest, our thoughts are prayers are with the families of those affected by Tallent’s behavior.