WATCH: Former NFL player clashes with Mexican marshals in airplane meltdown

Former NFL standout Sergio Brown’s tumultuous return to the United States took a chaotic turn as he clashed with Mexican immigration officers while en route from Mexico City to face charges in connection with his mother’s tragic murder.

The 35-year-old former New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts safety had been a fugitive for nearly a month following allegations of the murder of his 73-year-old mother, Myrtle Jean Simmons-Brown. His capture unfolded as he attempted to reenter the U.S., marking a dramatic culmination to his time on the run.

A startling video, as captured by CBS8, shows Brown engaging in a dispute with immigration officers on the flight, vocalizing his displeasure with the situation. He can be heard exclaiming, “They’re kidnapping me again, I’m from Chicago. I should not be going to Tijuana.”

In the recorded altercation, Brown and two Mexican immigration officers grapple as they attempt to restrain him. Amid the scuffle, he shoves one officer into the aisle, attempting to strike him while the officer endeavors to deflect the blows. Brown tightly grips the officer’s uniform near his neck and demands to be released, vociferating, “Let me go.”

Appealing to fellow passengers, he cries out, “This is kidnapping.” A doctor aboard the flight offers Brown a glass of water in an attempt to pacify him. However, a passenger, suspected to be a hostage negotiator traveling on the same flight, vehemently denies the offer, fearing Brown’s potential reaction.

The video captures an agitated Brown ranting and gesticulating wildly as officers strive to control the situation. It is revealed that it took officials approximately an hour and a half to remove Brown from the plane, emphasizing the intensity of the incident.

The tragic discovery of Myrtle Jean Simmonds-Brown’s lifeless body in a creek near her Chicago residence on September 16 sent shockwaves through the community. Officials reported that she had sustained “multiple injuries due to assault.” In a previous social media video, Brown distanced himself from any involvement in her death, dismissing the allegations as “fake news” and suggesting that he believed his mother was on vacation in Sinaloa, Mexico.

Additional footage, obtained by TMZ, displayed an individual identified as Brown by the outlet, enjoying himself south of the border amid the ongoing investigation.