WATCH: Four overweight female police officers unable to catch a single shoplifter

In a recent incident at 95th and Ashland in Chicago, four female police officers faced a challenging encounter with a male shoplifter, Patrick Johnson-Henry, 32. The incident, caught on video and shared on the crime news blog 16th & 17th District Chicago Police Scanner, has stirred discussions about police tactics and effectiveness.

The video depicts the four officers attempting to apprehend Johnson-Henry, who resists arrest for approximately two minutes before successfully fleeing on foot. The suspect was later apprehended on the 9400 block of S. Justine and now faces charges, including four counts of resisting police, one count of possession of a replica firearm, and one count of retail theft.

Despite the eventual arrest, the video has raised questions about the officers’ ability to handle the situation. The crime blogger behind 16th & 17th District Chicago Police Scanner pointed out the defeated tone in the sergeant’s voice as he ordered the release of the offender involved in a retail theft and physical altercation with the police.

In a captured audio segment, the sergeant can be heard saying, “If we can’t contain him and it’s just a retail theft…let him go,” while a police officer notes that the suspect already has a cuff on him.

This incident has fueled criticism from various quarters, with a retired Riverside police chief expressing dissatisfaction with the Chicago Police Department. The chief highlighted concerns about the impact of public scrutiny on police officers, emphasizing the fear of being portrayed negatively in the media and on social platforms.

The controversy surrounding this shoplifting incident raises broader questions about police protocols, training, and public perception. As discussions unfold, the Chicago Police Department may face increased scrutiny and calls for a reevaluation of its approach to handling such situations.