WATCH: Golfers scrap in Florida after one accuses another group of stalling


A group of golfers at Cleveland Heights Golf Course in Lakeland, Florida got into a scrap after accusing another group of playing too slow, according to reports.

The incident happened on the 27-hole field, where the golfers had to wait for those ahead of them to move on.

A viral video captured the scrap, which showed two men in a golf cart approaching a group of four before punches were thrown, with one man shouting, ‘bring it b****.’ The incident happened near the tee box, with spectators recording the clash in the hopes of the video going viral.

The incident broke out when one of the two men shoved another, leading to punches and kicking.

It’s unclear how long the scrap lasted, but some of the men refused to back down, even as several people rushed to intervene.

In the one-minute clip, two men were seen ganging up on one golfer who tried to defend himself by kicking, only to end up falling.

A ranger eventually appeared on the scene, and one person in the background questioned where he had been all day, given that the obnoxious group had been hitting balls into them all day. It is unclear if any of the golfers involved were charged or asked to leave the course.

The videographer who captured the fun seemed to enjoy every second of it, giggling throughout the video.

At the start of the clip, he can be heard saying, ‘dude, we can go viral.’ Several viewers who commented on the video agreed that slow play can be frustrating, but many found the scrap ridiculous and unnecessary.

Some viewers even laughed at the failed kick at the end of the video, stating that it was clear that the group did not know how to handle themselves.

This incident highlights the importance of maintaining proper decorum and respect for other golfers on the course.

Slow play is a common issue in golf, and while it can be frustrating, and scrapping is never the answer. Golfers should aim to be patient and communicate effectively to resolve conflicts without resorting to conflict.