WATCH: Hawaii incident impresses netizens due to technical skills showcase

Two Hawaiians have recently gained online fame for their conflict video that showcases impressive technical skills.

Known for their warrior spirit, Hawaii has produced notable UFC stars such as Max Holloway and B.J. Penn, making this video a reflection of the island’s martial arts heritage. The video was shared on social media and quickly gained steam.

In the video, the youngsters engaged in an incident , drawing the attention of another spectator who also recorded. Towards the end of the video, a woman, likely a parent, intervened to stop the conflict. The video was aptly captioned, “Just another day in Hawaii,” capturing the essence of everyday life on the island.

One fan’s comment succinctly captured the sentiment, stating, “Islanders built different, and no one questioned when mom said stop.”

Other UFC stars from the region include Dan Ige, Brad Tavares, Punahele Soriano, Tyson Nam, Yancy Medeiros, and Travis Browne, competing in various divisions across different organizations.

The video of the Hawaiians  received an enthusiastic response from netizens, emphasizing the rising popularity of MMA and its impact on the quality of skills that can spotted out in the wilderness. While phsical conflicts are generally discouraged, this particular bout displayed remarkable technical ability.

In the comments section, fans commended both participants. They noted the bravery of the smaller guy for taking on a larger opponent, while acknowledging the honor of the larger one for not pouncing on his opponent when he was down. Fans also appreciated the sportsmanship displayed during, and the technical aspects of the bout drew admiration.

Sadly, some conflicts can impact your life forever. Hawaii’s biggest star was forcibly retired after the revelation that he was KO-ed in a random incident.

Dana White was quoted saying at the time:

“that’s it. That’s a wrap. It’s not even that this was the last straw. I didn’t love (BJ Penn) continuing to fight anyway, but with the relationship that he and I have—he gets me on the phone, begging me for another fight. It’s hard to turn him down. After what I saw in that video, BJ needs to, you know, he needs to focus on his personal life before he thinks about fighting.”