WATCH: Impervious to getting tasered, man defies eight police officers in Hulk like display

A man displayed remarkable resilience as he engaged in a clash with police officers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Despite being tasered and struck, this formidable individual remained defiant and physically overpowering, ultimately requiring the intervention of additional officers to subdue him.

The video, which has recently resurfaced on social media platforms, showcases this dramatic and intense clash. The man, dressed in blue, appeared impervious to the effects of the taser and the blows, standing his ground . His physical stature surpassed that of the officers, making it exceptionally challenging to bring him under control.

Undeterred, the man valiantly faced the officers, relying solely on his bare hands, despite the deployment of a taser gun. It took the gradual arrival of additional officers, one by one, to finally end the intense standoff.

Tasers are typically used by law enforcement to temporarily incapacitate individuals by inducing muscle contractions, pain, and a loss of control. However, the effectiveness of a taser can vary widely from person to person. In extraordinary cases like this one, certain individuals possess such extraordinary physical strength and unwavering determination that they can continue to resist even after being tasered.

The video quickly went viral, bringing attention to the central figure involved. The police had been called to the scene in response to a DV incident in which Lowe was allegedly involved. During the attempted arrest, officers reported that Lowe exhibited behavior indicative of a mental health episode.

The body camera footage captured by one of the officers revealed that they initially attempted to subdue Lowe, instructing him to lie down on the ground. However, instead of complying, Lowe responded with a punch and promptly fled the scene. The subsequent events were vividly documented in the widely circulated video.

As the video continues to circulate, sparking debates about law enforcement tactics and the use of force, it serves as a striking reminder of the complexities surrounding such encounters.

While this incident may be an anomaly, it underscores the imperative for law enforcement agencies to continually reassess and adapt their training protocols to effectively handle situations where individuals display exceptional physical prowess and resilience.